How to add a YouTube video to a WordPress post

By Al  |  7 April 2016

Share YouTube videos quickly and easily in your post

Videos are a great way to enhance your blog posts.

You can embed videos from many video services into your posts. To include a video from YouTube, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Copy a video's link
  2. Paste it into the WordPress content area
  3. Save your content

1. Copy a video's link

Find the video you want to include on YouTube, and copy the URL from your browser's address bar while you're viewing the video.

video url

2. Paste it into the WordPress content area

Paste it onto a line by itself in the Visual editor on the Post Edit page. Make sure it's not hyperlinked.

WordPress will automagically turn the link into a YouTube video.


3. Save your work

Now ensure you select "Update" or "Schedule" to save your content. You now have an embedded YouTube video ready to enrich your content.

Written by Al  |  7 April 2016

Al is our technical director, and one of the best problem solvers in the industry.