Why your business needs CoSchedule

By Carolyn  |  15 March 2016

If you have a WordPress site and you publish content regularly, you need CoSchedule. I cannot stress this enough. CoSchedule will help keep you organised and save your sanity.

Basically, CoSchedule allows you to plan, create and promote your content all in one place - and all formatted into a calendar so you can keep track of everything and share it with your team.


You can link your CoSchedule account to your WordPress site, of course, but also to your social media accounts (all of the major players, except Instagram at the time of writing - we're still waiting for that one). You can create new posts and new social media content right there in your calendar. Then, drag and drop them to move them around to suit.

You can also use the built-in content editor to create your content inside the CoSchedule calendar and then export it as HTML to use almost anywhere on the web (WordPress not required). And if you prefer working in Google Docs or Evernote, you can integrate those too.

If you have a team working on your site, you can assign tasks and send messages to your team members from within CoSchedule, so when you've finished writing a blog post, you can assign it to another team member to edit, and then they can assign it to your designer to add images, and then back to you to schedule publication and social media.

Another great feature is that you can schedule all your social media before you have hit publish - meaning the whole process can be automated and hands-free. And you can schedule social media posts right there in the calendar that aren't attached to any blog posts. The ability to see all of your social media content right there in your calendar means you can ensure there are no clashes or double ups.


You can try CoSchedule for a 14 day trial with no credit card required. I encourage you to give it a go.



Written by Carolyn  |  15 March 2016

Carolyn is our resident copywriter, editor and all round word nerd.