7 simple steps to raising your rates

It doesn’t matter if you’re a brand new online entrepreneur, or you’ve been in business a few years. There will eventually come a time when you need to raise your rates. If you’re new, you might not feel confident enough to announce a price increase. You may only have a couple of clients, and you want to hang onto them as tightly as you can, while continuing to find new clients. This workbook will help you take action gracefully and confidently when the time is right to announce a price increase to your clients.


Chapters in this ebook

Step 1:  Assess your value
Step 2:  Common pricing mistakes and what to do about them
Step 3:  Dealing with difficult clients
Step 4:  Assessing your true worth
Step 5:  Knowing when it’s time to raise your prices
Step 6:  Asking for the raise
Step 7:  When it’s time to change your business model