Website developer resource kit

To be used by digital agencies or technical teams who manage and maintain client websites, this whopper 20-template resource kit has everything you need to manage a web development project from start to finish.

From hiring project staff, planning and strategy, through to project management, QA, training and support, it includes all the checks and documentation to ensure your project stays on track and everything is completed perfectly! This will help you to deliver on time and on budget every day, and ensure your bills are paid on time, every time.

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Templates in this pack

Contains 20 templates:

Content request
Design brief
Freelance contract
Job acceptance
Job authorisation
Job bag
Job debrief
Media brief
PD account coordinator
PD developer
QA checklist
Support contract
Website handover and training documentation
Website third party access disclaimer
Website brief
Website content strategy
Website golive advice
Website strategy